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Languages have become a big business. Few English people understand other languages, because they were brought up by a television having other languages for a laugh. For generations, the baddies in Anglo-American entertainment tended to be Eastern Europeans.

The other side of that coin is now the issue of Eastern European criminals flooding the UK. Not having been allowed to undermine the States of Eastern Europe, antisocial groups of all denominations found a safe-haven in the UK, where the authorities may be able to persecute them, but not speak to them.

Seemingly unable to discriminate between the people, the authorities seem to proceed to persecuting anyone from Eastern Europe, and end up crucifying those who could help them to tackle the criminals, because they are likely to be outspoken and educated people standing up against all forms of abuse. It seem to be the decent Eastern Europeans who become the target of hate for drawing attention to problems in British administration, while the criminals continue to rob and undermine the British State - anonymously and in silence.

A major reason why it seems difficult for the UK authorities to tackle foreign criminals and specifically from Slovakia effectively and fairly is the fact that State licensed organizations cashing in on linguists seem to outnumber competent Slovak linguists in the UK.

Few independent linguists can afford to buy the licenses now required, (this can run into thousands) before they are allowed to earn a penny. Large agencies with money get the contracts, and they subsequently search for linguists to deliver major government contracts in which they quoted qualifications now hoping to find.

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